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A Swamy
Mr. A. Swamy is the Founder and President of New Hope Foundation. His epitome of honesty, hard work and commitment made him grow to a successful business man. He also embraces the appealing qualities of generosity, compassion, and spirit. One of his major traits has been to work with respect and dignity and give respect to all. His presidency can be branded by his constancy; and his vision of trust's progress is undeniably inspiring.

His effort has been to capture the hearts and minds of entire generation of young people, urging them to participate in civic life and engage in public service inspiring the society to take on challenges of this new era. He is helping to set the stage for the major social concern of the country and educate the humanity who can compete in a global society. He believes in the power of transformational leadership, possibility thinking and building partnership and collaborations.

Mr. A. Swamy has proven to be both dynamic and visionary leader, having already done remarkable things for the society in a short span of time and from its humble origin as a family institution; NHF has grown rapidly and projects a wide range of activities located across Mumbai. His enthusiasm and fortitude are rigid and contagious in the larger community. He continues to motivate, inspire, and bring people, groups and like-minded humanitarians together to perpetuate an ingrained philosophy of philanthropy.

His ultimate vision is to build schools to create conditions in which young people flourish and grow and can release their potential. Such a service would accommodate those youth coming with complex social, emotional, health and developmental challenges. He emphasizes a creative approach to transform communities based on the notions of differentiation, subjectivity, and unity as its fundamental principles and make sure every dimension of the school is aligned to our vision and values.
Ultimately the essence of a good education is formation of character!

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