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About Us
NEW HOPE FOUNDATION is a Mumbai based registered Non-Government Organization becoming a fast growing awareness amongst individuals and communities. The encouragement of public participation in NHF is playing an important role in raising social concerns, developing awareness of contiguous issues and promoting sustainable development. This increase in knowledge and awareness has been by and large the result of campaigns and programmes organized by us.

The long term vision of the founders of the trust is to impart not only services but to work towards a much broader prospective in developing and providing a platform for them. NHF aims to excel in areas like Education, Human Rights, Social Service, Health and Environment and above all to groom the society with good human beings.

NHF is striving hard in the process of bringing together all feasible social allies to educate one & all and demand for various development programs to assist in the delivery of service and to strengthen people participation for self-reliance. Our attempt remains to club with the best of the members so as to benchmark our standards of excellence.

Vision Model

Articulates Vision

Serve people around the society live better. Our organization continually expresses new ideas through learning and innovation.

Build Relations

We are building an organization where we share and listen to one another in a climate of mutual confidence in one another's integrity, as we work to provide the finest partnering experience.


Our pillar of persuasion is the integrity we have built and reveals the key discipline that has strengthened our trust's capacity for developing and sustaining credibility.


Demonstrate & Deliver

Elevate the planned view of the value based management in the organization through a collaboratively developed platform focused on mission, vision and value statements of our trust.

Our Road Ahead

Short Term Act

Blood Donation Campaigns

Health Check-up Campaigns

AIDS Awareness Programme

Events with Orphans & Special Children for Raising Funds

Eye Donation Campaigns


Medium Term Act

One Mega Fund Raising Event every year Dec 2011 : "Chitthi" A Ghazal Concert by Padmashree Pankaj Udhas in Aid of Special Children


Long Term Act

To Build a School for Poor & Needy

© 2012. New Hope Foundation