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"“New Hope Founadation, The Indian 1000 Guineas (Grade 1) Horse Racing”
14th and 18th December 2014.

The event was organized for the special children to showcase their talent & have fun at the Mahalakshmi race course and was also a launchpad for our mega philantrophic event “PRAYAAS”.

The event was marked with performances by the students of SIWS College, a rope Malkhamb act by the students of Kamala Mehta School, a Martial Arts act by the Utkarsha Mandal and a parade by the students of St. Elias School, Bandra. Special Play area was made with a Toy Train, Jumping Jack, Ice cream & snacks were served to the children who were so engrossed in the play area. A great evening full of zest and cheer ended with the guests enjoying Wine and snacks served to them & accompanied by live orchestra performance which they enjoyed to the fullest.

December 18th 2014, a day filled with hard work, persistence and perseverance! The youth working as one for a cause dear to all, to aid the differently abled and the orphaned.
For this sole purpose a A Indian 1000 Guineas (GRADE I ) Horse race was dedicated To NHF (New Hope Foundation) which, not only benefitted the campaign but also made a wave of people interested in our cause! Many bought the souvenirs, such as the Mugs and donated generously for the cause. People watched intently as the races began! We honored and felicitated the winner as well!

At the end of a hard working day what counted was the appreciation that was given out by a number of generous donors and all the people who took interest in our cause!


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