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“Green Circle” An RWITC Foundation.

Friday, 14Th February, 2014, Mahalaxmi Racecourse.

NEW HOPE FOUNDATION has been gaining popularity with each passing day. It was a proud moment for our Trust when we were invited to participate in an event organized by a very reputed NGO - “GREEN CIRCLE” An RWITC Foundation held at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse on Friday, 14th February, 2014.
Green Circle is an initiative by RWITC to make our city greener and environment friendly. Mumbai is getting polluted more each day and so an awareness to make it greener is the responsibility of all of us. This event was organized to further this cause.
Over 100 students from Nirmal Vidyalaya, Wadala were taken by our Trust on the occasion. Shri Farookh Abdullah, Union Minister was the Chief Guest. He gave a small speech to the gathering, on the importance of preserving the city and nature as also the need to preserve the environment and ecology, focusing on children being the future of the world. He highlighted the beauty of Kashmir as a result of the awareness of the people of this State.
Our children presented the Honourable Minister with Tulsi saplings. Lots of pictures were clicked and there was a feeling of gaiety and happiness all around.
All the children and our members were offered snacks and refreshments. A beautiful ceramic cup with the logo GREEN CIRCLE - AN RWITC FOUNDATION,a colourful book was gifted to all present and the programme concluded with a positive note on Creating a GREEN MUMBAI AND POLLUTION FREE CITY!

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