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"Creating Awareness For Eye Pledging" - Walking Rally on 19th December, 2010


Eye donation is important because about one million people are blinded by corneal diseases in India. Over and above this about 25000 are added to this pool every year. However the number of eyes donated are around 12000 which leaves us within an increasing deficit of 13000 eyes every year. There is an urgent need to enhance awareness of eye donation and Procurement of donor eyes.

With this aim in our hearts and living upto slogan 'LIVE AFTER LIFE' New Hope Foundation teamed up with Aditya Jyot Foundation For Twinkling Little Eyes, a few Rotary Clubs of Mumbai and other likeminded organizations to promote the noble cause of eye donation. Everyone around us understand the importance of donation, be it a few Rupees. A helping hand or donating one's eyes. Still there needs to be a gentle reminder. A slight prod for people to realise that one can do their bit. Even after death by donating their Eyes. We at New Hope Foundation feel that the nobler instincts of people could be awakened with the right appeal. A correct approach and also by creating a chain of donors by a few enlightened souls.

Thus was born the project envisioned by Dr. S. Natrajan head of Aditya Jyot Hospital and the guiding force behind Aditya Jyot Foundation For Twinking Little Eyes It was decided to hold a rally on Sunday, December 19th, 2010 to promote the cause of Eye- Donation.

The entourage gathered near Sion Circle at around 10.0 in the morning. All participant organization had their dress code of T- Shirts and Caps with the message of exhorting people to donate eyes. NHF members and volunteers came out in full strength (more than seventy five) full of enthusiasm dressed in their traditional Kurtas & armed with inspiring signs and placards. Around ten cars draped with Slogans and Banners for the occasion were ready to take the message of Eye Donation to the masses. More than 300 Volunteers from various organizations like Aditya Jyot Foundation For Twinkling Little Eyes, Five Rotary Club of – Mumbai Sion, Bombay Sea Coast, Borivali, Thane Hills and Mumbai Uptown, Mumbai Tamil Drivers Association, Thiruvallar Narpani lyakkam, an NGO, Principal and student of I. H. Bhatia High School, Wadala, Mumbai Eye Care (NGO) and a few others participated in the rally which started their march by 10. 45. Pamphlets and Eye-Pledge cards were distributed en-route to the people on the way.

In this of political and religious rallies, residents of Sion and bystanders were happy to witness so many educated citizans espousing the case of Eye-donation and Pledging of Eyes by creating an awareness in the hearts of the common man of a moral and social responsibility of giving back to society in their own way 'A PLEDGE TO DONATE YOUR EYES WHEN YOU WOULD HAVE NO USE FOR THE SAME.'

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